Failed your UK driving test?

Driving Examination failure

If you have failed your driving test, then blame your ADI or so the writer of this Auto Express article suggests.

According to the writer, becoming a driving instructor (ADI) is so easy and thus the current instructors are of a low standard, hence the low pass rates! However the writer towards the end then goes on to do a massive plug for an ADI training establishment which probably sponsored the article.

For the real reason why the current UK driving test pass rate is only 43%, do a search on this website for the DSA's top 10 driving test faults on the UK driving test.

If you failed your driving test, learn from the experience, practise some more, and listen to your ADI's advice if you have one.

The UK pratical car assessmenttest is a lot more than being able to drive from A to B, do a couple of set exercises and answering some basic maintenance questions at the beginning of the DSA test.

Dont fail your DSA practical car driving test for lack of knowledge, get Focus Media's Driving Test simulator a game based on the DSA's practical driving test.

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