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You too can pass the UK driving test, this instructor's blog UK Driving School has been set up just for that purpose, and is a free online resource for provisional licence holders, foreign nationals hoping to get a full british license and new drivers. Use the search button provided to find past driving articles from the hundreds I've posted since 2005 when this website was started.

If you find any of the driving test tips, articles or advice posted here that has been helpful to you, then why not digg the post, tell your learner driver friends or just spread the word around. A link is provided at the bottom of every post.

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I look forward to any comments or suggestions you might have, or any driving test queries, but before asking a question, please do make sure you have used the search function to make sure someone hasn't already asked before you. I wish you the best on your DSA practical car assessment, and hope you pass first time!

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