Cheap PAYG SIM Unlimited Text and Internet with Free Calls

As a driving instructor, I give lessons to a lot of young people and students and know that sometimes they are not able to make contact with me on their mobile phones because they have run out of credit on thier PAYG sims or used up all the monthly allowances on the inclusive minutes on the contract tariff, so here is a cheap, affordable PAYG no contract SIM that offers very good value for money for students, teenagers and low usage mobile phone owners.

GiffGaff is a vitual network run on the O2 mobile infrastructure, they currently charge only 10p per minutes for UK mobile or landline calls (ASDA mobile is same rate), but in addition don't charge you for calling freephone 0800 numbers from your mobile phone and offer unlimited text and internet on monthly bundles (no limits as long as it is for personal use and from a mobile phone handset)! Text messages cost 6p each if on Pay As You Go.

If you are interested in monthly bundles (they last 30 days and are bought with airtime credit on topups, they have bundles where £10 gets you 250 call minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB mobile internet. Other bundles above £10 are available, and include unlimited text/internet as standard.

Now here is the good bit, they also offer free unlimited calls/text to other GiffGaff numbers (topup required every 90 days), which makes it an ideal package for teenagers, students who can persuade their friends to join and they thus have a means of chating/texting amongst themselves and £10 airtime for ocassional calls to non GiffGaff members. You can see their full call charges here.

All you need is an unlocked mobile phone or O2 locked handset if you are interested in trying them out order a free Sim card with £5 credit (affliate link) or non affliate order page but not free credit and see for yourself how much you can save.

They have a very helpful community online, and no matter what version of handset you have, they will be able to get you up and running if you have any issues.

Get a free Giffgaff Sim

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