The New DVSA Driving Test: How to follow SatNav Independent Section

On the 4th of December 2017, the Uk driving test changed with some radical new requirements being asked of the provisional licence holder.

The reverse round the corner exercise was removed, you would now be required to drive into a bay and the reverse out, may be asked to stop on the right and then move off, as well as operate car controls like demister while the vehicle is in motion.

In this post however, I want to give you my top 8 tips on how to follow a SatNav during the now 20 minutes long independent driving section of the test.

1. Even experienced drivers take the wrong turning.
If you are worrying about taking a wrong turn while following a SatNav, then stop as even experienced drivers like me do this, the most important thing to remember is always be safe whatever you do, and obey road signs (don't turn into a no entry road because the TomTom told you to!).

2. ‎watch my independent driving video as contains information you can use.
I made a video in 2010 about Independent driving when it was introduced, and the information there is even now more valid now that you have you have to do it twice as long, I have embedded it below, so watch and assimilate the information provided if you are serious about passing.

3. ‎Get used to estimating distances
The SatNav will be giving you instructions and mentioning distances so you need to get used to knowing how far you will travel at different speeds before you get to the turning point.

4. ‎Don't be alarmed by verbal directions from examiner (verbal intervention )
The DVSA examiner may intervene verbally with a directional instruction during the independent section, this is not a failure!

5. ‎Always be safe and obey lane markings, no sudden changes
As a test candidate, you are not a learner and will be expected to meet a minimum standard so being safe, having the ability to obey road markings/Signs should be normal and you should not be a danger to other road users by making sudden directional changes

6. ‎Roundabouts, you can go round again.
If you miss an exit at a roundabout, go round again and there is nothing wrong with doing that (signal appropriately).

7. ‎Make use of instructors local knowledge.
Your instructor will know the difficult/tricky areas that you need to be aware of, so once you are at test standard, practise them until you are comfortable.

8.Practise, Practice!
I can never repeat this enough, you can never be over-prepared for the UK driving test, but if you skip lessons or Cant Be Arsed to turn up, then don't blame examiner quotas if you are not successful on your attempt at getting a full pink licence.

I have made a video to accompany this post, and you should watch it to get additional tips and advice.

I will you success with your goals

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