My Learners Know If I am Late For Lessons

As a driving instructor it is very important that you offer a professional service to all your learner driver clients, and one way of upsetting them is by being constantly late for your lesson appointments!

Technology has changed the way we conduct business, not many of you will remember the old days when there were no mobile phones (I wasn't an instructor, so I can't imagine how difficult it was or how organised you had to be), but we have to constantly evolve in the way we do business, which is why I have adopted a way of automatically letting my learners know if I am running late for a driving lesson without having to make a phone call or text them from a mobile phone while driving!

My clients can track me via a map to see where I am, and my phone will automatically send them a text with my estimated time of arrival.

I also have a dashcam which is sometimes live depending on my clients wishes:

I can also use my phone to get real time traffic updates so I am aware of situations on the roads, recently I saved myself from being stuck for an hour in traffic when my phone automatically alerted me to congestion on the A406 north circular road caused by a ruptured gas mains!

Are you using your mobile phone as a tool to improve your productivity and profitability?

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