Driving Test What Is Undue Hesitation

Undue Hesitation is one of the most feared driving test faults, but many learner drivers do not fully understand what the DSA examiner actually considers to be undue hesitation, some thinking that it has to do with how long you spend at a junction, and for that very reason go on to commit serious faults.

In this video I explain what the examiner is looking for when it comes to junctions, and the difference between 'Making Progess' and 'Undue Hesitation'

I would advice anyone taking their driving test to fully watch this video, as many learners rush junctions, take ineffective observations due to lack of knowledge of this driving fault. Make sure you have enough experience in various conditions, so that when your test arrives, you know exactly what to do. As the saying goes: 'Practice makes for a perfect drive'

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