To Pass Driving Test Highway Code Knowledge Required

You can dramatically increase your chances of passing the UK practical driving test on a motorcycle or in a car if you are 100% familiar with the Highway Code.

It only costs £2.50, is very small so you can carry it anywhere you go, but it contains tons of information on how you are expected to behave while driving in the UK, the meaning of road signs and markings, but most of all it could help you avoid commiting a serious driving test fault and thus pass at your next attempt. Over the years I have seen many test candidates ignore advice to read the highway code in between lesson make simple mistakes which could have been easily avoided if they mastered the book.

Simple things like going over a stop line at traffic lights, understanding filter arrows, reading road signs, etc are all simple things that DSA examiners have failed learners on, nothing to do with driving ability!

The video clip below illustrates how lack of knowledge on the part of a candidate who has a test the next day could easily result in a failure with the DSA examiner sitting next to you.

There where no cars in the left lane when the learner was about to move into the left hand lane, but doing so whould have meant crossing a solid line bordering the hatched area used to seperate traffic, doing so would have violated the highway code, and this would have been marked as serious driver error on the DL25 examiner report form!

Even if you are taking regular lessons with an instructor or doing private practice, there is no harm in reading the Highway Code over and over again. It will only boost your confidence in the knowledge that you are doing the right thing.

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