Dual Carriageways Simple Mistakes

In this article, I want to go over some of the simple mistakes that learners commit while taking the driving test on dual carriageways.

1. Failing to make progress: Dual Carriageways are meant to be fast roads, so if conditions allow it, you need to make progess, not necessarily driving at the speed limit but keeping the traffic moving at a good pace. For example doing 30mph on a 40mph dual carriageway is too slow! By the time you are ready to take the test, you should have been on a 70mph dual carriageway if you have them in your area and might get them with a DSA examiner.

2. Lane Discipline: This is one of the most common driving faults. You need to make sure that you do not veer out of your lane while on a dual carriageway, especially on bends in the road. Your driving lessons should be spent gaining enough experience on various dual carriageeways at different tmes of the day, so you know how to deal with bpth fast and large vehicles being close to you.

3. Changing Lanes Safely: If for any reason you need to move out of your lane, you MUST make use of the MSM Routine, in particular your indicators must have given enough notice to other road users of your intentions. It is NOT acceptable for you to signal and then move a second afterwards, nor should your car start to move out of lane before the mirror checks and signal is put on.

4. Forward Planning: As a learner you will be expected to be in the left lane, but unfortunately, this means you will have to deal with Buses stopping, large vehicles parked improperly, and other cars moving out when it is not safe and slow moving vehicles that YOU HAVE TO overtake. Practice looking far down the road ahead, this will allow you to notice potential dangers which you might be able to avoid if you change lanes early. If you can see the danger, then change lanes (the examiner will know exactly why as there are more experienced drivers), it is never too early.

It does take a lot of practice being able to safely deal with dual carriageways, so make sure you ready for the driving test, and do not try your luck when you can't safely turn right on a 70mph dual carriageway.

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