Driving Test Junctions Junctions Junctions!

The most common reason candidates fail the UK driving test is junctions, it is therefore paramount that you understand what the DSA examiner is looking for when you are being assessed for a full driving licence.

Junctions are dangerous places because you are meeting other vehicles or road users and therefore as a test candidate the examiner will be expecting you to exercise caution to make sure that you are always safe at these places.

Having been on hundreds of driving tests with learners, I can assure you that 90% of failures have NOT be caused by UNDUE HESITATION, but either INEFFECTIVE OBSERVATIONS or APPROACHNG TOO FAST and thus making a wrong judgement decision.

Driving Test Candidates are Inexperienced! Every driving examiner knows that you are an experienced provisional licence holder and thus they will NEVER expect you to be able to deal with a junction as quickly as the cars in front of you, so do not try and copy other road users, make decisions based on if you think it is safe or not.

Open or Closed Junction? If the junction is open and you can see it will be safe to join, approach at a safe steady speed and negotiate it. If on the other hand it is a closed junction, then you should be approaching with the intention of stopping, and only proceeding once you have assessed the traffic and decided it is safe to continue. If in doubt DO NOT go!

For you to be given a SERIOUS fault of undue hesitation, it has to be blatantly obvious that it is safe to go (NOT just because the car behind you honked)!

Being able to deal safely with junctions does take time, so get good practise in, especially on big roundabouts or complex junctions, but always remember if you don't think it is safe, maybe it is not.

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