Driving Test in Rush Hour Traffic London

I have always adviced my learner drivers to only book a driving test in rush hour especially in London only if they normally have lessons at this time of the day, and today I was able to demonstrate to one provisional licence holder why this is good advice after booking a 8.10am DSA appointment in Mill Hill because it guaranteed an earlier slot and less waiting time.

Having called me last week to advice of the test date and time, my first reaction was to cancel and find another time, but my pupil insisted despite never having a lesson at this time of the day, so I said lets have a lesson at 8am and then you can make up your mind.

We had that driving lesson this morning, and my pupil was surprised at how different it was to her normal time, and to top it off, she encountered what the typical attitude of rush hour drivers were twice. First a van driver was hooting at her for failing to enter a yellow boxed junction and secondly one woman shouted at her saying learners should not be allowed on the road when she is doing her school run!

By the time we finished the lesson 10 minutes late due to heavy traffic, she was seriously considering changing the appointment. We have one more early morning session booked for next week, so we will see where that leaves us as I will be going to Apex corner this time.

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