Value Your Driving Licence

Here in the UK being issued with a full driving licence that allows you to drive a vehicle unsupervised is a privilege that can only be earned after passing a rigorus practical assessment by strict DSA examiners.
Passing the driving test for many involves taking professional lessons which costs hundreds and for some thousands of pounds in addition to multiple failed attempts at getting a pass certificate. So having spent so much time, money and effort in getting a full UK driving licence I would expect people to value their driving licences, especially if it also happens to be their means of earning a living!

Figures from the DVLA however paints a different picture, with each month having many licences revoked under the new driver's act for those who have held it for less than 2 years, while more experienced drivers are either banned by magistrates at court for various offences or getting more than 12 points on their driving licence.

My driving school car broke down recently due to a manufacturer defect, so I was without a car for a day, during which time I had an appointment. Because there was no time constraint, I decided to go by Bus instead of taking a Mini Cab, and ended up arriving 1 hour 10 minutes after leaving home. If I had driven, it would have taken a maximum of 20 minutes (that includes delays due to traffic congestion)! This experience got me thinking, I would not be able to do without my driving licence, even if I wasn't a driving instructor.

Do you value your driving licence? Have you ever considered what your life would be like if you had to go back to provisional licence status, or worse not be able to drive because you have been banned by a magistrate and be ordered to take an extended driving test?

As a new driver it is very easy to get 6 points for offences like not stopping at a red traffic light, or being caught driving 35mph in a 30 zone if you do not pay attention while on the road, other cases like being drunk at the wheel or driving without insurance do deserve you being banned as it is a delibrate breaking of the law, and just shows that you probably do not value the privilege that a driving licence gives you.

Next time you get into a vehicle to drive, think about the consequeunces of not having a licence, and be a little more considerate to other roads users, drive carefully not being in a hurry (leave earlier if necessary) and don't break the road traffic act.

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Thinking about becoming an instructor? My advice would be not to, if you are wondering why, then you can read the article and make up your own mind. It is not as easy as you think, and it is becoming harder to make a decent living especially with the current climate where money is hard to come by and many households are struggling to make ends meet.

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