Driving test first 5 minutes

The only difference between what you have been doing on your driving lessons and what happens on the test, is the fact that you are now being assessed by an unfamiliar DSA examiner, and if you have taken a mock test (especially with a different ADI), then you might have experienced test nerves before.

Most people will feel some kind of nervousness when it comes to the DSA practical test, and this is normal, but you as a candidate need to try and keep things together especially within the first 5 minutes of taking control of the car. No matter how hard you have prepared, and how well you do on the whole 40 minutes, the current nature of the UK driving test dictates that any serious or dangerous error will result in a failure even with only one driving fault, so you need to do everything within your power to stay calm, and allow those good habits you have developed with your driving instructor to shine through.

There are many people who don't succeed on the test because of nerves. I had someone fail the test within the first 5 minutes coming out of the test centre first junction after successfully doing a bay park maneuver, but his legs where shaking so much he had problems applying the footbrake properly, resulting in the examiner preventing the car rolling towards another road user. After that incident he drove very well on a very tough test route which we had never been on before returning with only 1 minor on the DL25.

I would advice you read my previous article about nerves, and if you think this would be a problem, do something about it, denying the issue exists will not help, there are remedys you can take, therapies to go on etc, failing the test for silly mistakes especially when at the required standard only knocks your confidence, and many people take some time to recover from not being successful in passing first time.

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  1. I have my driving test on thursday Jan 26th Jan. I find myself to be struggling with timing, for instance if I am turning right on to a road, I see a car in the distance about 900yards away, and I keep fighting my instinct tgat says I can go as I cant seem to time it right, I have two more lessond and my main worries are the timing andbeing too kind, I give way to alnost everyone as they never look like they are going to sliw to a stop wvrn on my right of way :( I have been told I am too critical but I would rather be than be too cinfident that I will pass.




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