Changing Driving Instructors

My driving instructor is not teaching me anything new, is a good reason for wanting to change your ADI, I dont trust my driving instructor is another one, but a lot of learner drivers are either afraid to actually look for someone else to give them driving tuition, or can't be bother saying I'm just going to stay till I pass my driving test, but won't recommend him/her to anyone else.

You should not be thinking twice about changing or ditching driving instructors if you are receiving a sub-standard/poorer quality service than what you have paid for, or are not getting along with him or her, maybe they shout at you, are always late for driving lessons, make remarks which you are uncomfotable with (sexual, racial, etc).

The purpose of taking driving lessons is you want to learn to drive a car, get valuable knowledge, experience and information that will help you to go on and pass the driving test, and not to while away time or have someone to have a nice friendly chat with everyday. Don't allow personal charm to get in the way of professionalism.

Driving lessons are not cheap, so everytime you part with your money (£15, £20 or £30), you need to be able to say that the time was worth it because you learnt a new driving maneuver (left reverse round the corner), was able to rectify a reoccuring error (not checking left mirror before signalling to come off a major raoundabout) or gained more experience driving on a 70mph dual carriageway. You should not just be driving around for no purpose, or going over the same thing lesson after lesson without either being independent, mastering the reference points or techniques to do the skill without assistance.

Don't be afraid to change driving instructors, as you might find someone who is more compatible with you, and with an abundance of ADIs out there, you the customer should always come first and your goal of passing the DSA practical driving test, you must be able to trust the driving instructor who you pay to guide you through the task of getting the pass certificate that you desire, otherwise what are you doing sticking with him/her!

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