Provisional License Revoked

Has your Provisional Driving License been revoked!

Having a provisional licence or any driving licence for that matter is a privilege, and not a right, which is why I'm amazed at the number of learner drivers that fail to take care and protect this valuable driving document.

Here in the UK where the DVLA keeps records of everyone who has been issued with a provisional licence, it is almost impossible for an individual to get more that one driving licence unless you decide to use a fake driving licence. It is therefore very important that you abide by the terms of your driving licence, obey the laws of the UK road traffic act, and don't get points on your provisional licence. Many learner drivers want to save cost on their driving lessons, and on how much it costs to get their full driving licence, but fail to take the necessary steps to protect their valuable provisional driving licence.

Here in the UK, you will get fined and have penalty points added to your provisional licence if you break the law (road traffic act), and if you get a total of 12 points on your licence within a 3 year period, you will be banned, and your provisional licence will be revoked for a period of time. I'm not going to go into the details of the penalty points you will get for each offence, but the following are some of the things that could end up causing points to be added to your licence in addition to a fine.

1. Failing to display 'L' plates as a learner driver.
2. Not having a supervising driver as a provisional licence holder when driving a car.
3. Driving without car Insurance. Note that doing number 2 above could invalidate any insurance you have on your car.
4. Breaking the speed limit.
5. Failing to obey a traffic signal (running a red light).

While I know mistakes can happen, which is why I can understand having 3 points on a provisional licence, but anything more than 6 points is just sheer irresponsibility, and you d deserve to have your licence revoked as well as the increased cost of insurance that you get for these offences. Penalty points stay on your driving licence for 4 years, and you will need to apply to the DVLA with a fee to get them removed after those 4 years have expired. Insurance companies usually ask about any convictions within the last 5 years for purposes of determining how much it will cost to insure you.

The Road Traffic Act
Ignorance is no excuse, as one of our responsibilities as a potential driver is to know the laws governing holding a driving licence so you need to read the highway code and be familiar with the road traffic act. Anything in the highway code that has the word MUST attached to it is the law and should be obeyed as it would be an offence under the road traffic act.

Protect your privilege of having a driving document and keep that provisional licence of yours clean of penalty points.

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  1. Anonymous5:01 pm

    Hi, 2 years ago I had 6 points put on my Provisional Licence for being irsponsible. I have had time to reflect on this and would now like to take my test. Am i eligable to take my test with 6 points. Your help in this matter is greatly apperiated.

  2. Anonymous12:30 pm

    Yes you can still take your driving test, see 6 points on provisional license.

  3. Under Common Law jurisdiction, such as what we have in England, a drivers licence is only nessersary if one is using a motor vehicle in a commercial capacity, such as a taxi driver.

    Under Common Law we have a right to travel in our carrage of choice, ie a motor vehicle. Most people have not read the Road Traffic Act before they applied for a licence. Acts require the consent of the governed. If you have not consented to be governed then all Statute & Act obligations do not apply to you.

  4. Anonymous12:13 am

    i was a passenger in my car and in order to get my disability car home and me I thought it best to let a provisional driver drive as I was not fit enough to drive, yet he crashed and wrote off my car, HE GOT 6 POINTS AND £100 FINE now I have to pay the bill for the car the damage he did and got 6 points along with £150 fine. Then my doctor and specialist put me back to a provisonal licence where I was caught doing 66 in a 60 zone and on my provisional I gained another 3 points why should I suffer the consequence of his mistake, I was not at the wheel and now I may not be able to sit my test is this true...

  5. My partner has had his provisional licence revoked for 20 years. After many tries of trying to get his provisional licence back, dvla are still saying that he needs to have an alcohol test. He was caught drink driving on a provisional, on a ban - but this was over 20 years ago, and surely this would be spent by now? He has completely changed and cant get work without a licence. Is there anything he can do? He is so depressed over the situation 😕 I welcome any advice, thank you.

  6. Hi. I did got 2 offences. One for no inssurance and one for not having a valid driving licence.and i recived 8 points and a £230 fine for that. Would i be able to do my theory and practical test after that? And would happen if i can and if i pass?




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