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Guarantee to pass the UK driving test in a week? If that is your goal, then I do offer Intensive driving courses, but I don't guarantee you will pass the practical DSA car test, and I don't think it is really a good option for learning to drive or attempt to pass and get a UK driving licence in 5 days or 1 week.

Fast track driving courses does not suit everyone, and being a fast learner does not necessarily mean you will quickly pick up the driving skills required for passing the driving test as you might be good academically, but your Psychomotor skills might be weak, this is something that surprises a lot of people learning to drive.

It is a very great responsibility holding a driving licence and being in control of a ton of metal able to travel at speeds over 100mph, so using your short term memory to cram a lot of work over 30-35hour driving courses will not particularly make you a safe driver. If you do pass your driving test via a 5 day crash driving course and are serious about being a safe driver, then you should consider taking a Pass Plus course or an advanced driving test such as the Institute of Advanced Motorists, DIAmond, etc.

Why don't I guarantee a pass if you take an Intensive driving course with me? Simple I'm not taking the test, so I can't predict what you will do on the day, a simple mistake could be all it takes to change a driving error to a serious error that fails you.

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As for the companies out there offering a guaranteed driving test pass in a week or 10 days, make sure you read the small print before commiting yourself to their intensive driving courses, cause if it is too good to be true, then it probably is.

PS: Don't forget 5 day intensive driving courses could end up costing more than you initially think, there is the course fee, travel cost if not in your home town, time taken off work, etc.

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Is an intensive driving course the way to prepare for the UK driving test? I share my views on fast track 5 day, 1 week driving courses with input from a pupil of mine that recently used an intensive driving course to pass his UK driving test.

If you are interested in taking intensive driving lessons to prepare for your test using either the Hendon or Mill Hill DSA centres in London, then give me a call on 07956233032, I offer a generous discount on the normal hourly lesson price. Please note I don't offer automatic driving lessons.

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Intensive Driving Lessons

I would define an intensive driving lesson as 3 hour or more driving lesson designed to impart a lot of knowledge to a pupil within a short period of time.

You can use an intensive driving lesson as a means of refreshing your skills after a long break maybe after having taken a driving test and not being successful.

To make the best use of your intensive lesson, the pupil should make sure they prepare for the driving lessons by going over their theory and highway code books, and any notes you might have made in your learning journal.

Prior to your intensive driving lesson, your instructor should have spoken to you to find out what you expect to achieve during your tuition, manage your expectations according to any previous experience you have, and answer any questions you might have.

If you are interested in using an intensive driving lesson to do your final preparations for your DSA practical test, it is not a bad idea to also arrange for a mock test, if possible with a different instructor.

You should have either completed the DSA key skills in the drivers record or attempted a practical test to make best use of an intensive driving lesson as a refresher to prepare for the 'L' test.

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    They are really nice and they were telling me how you can be as flexible as you want.But,An intensive course can help immensely in passing a Driving Test but not really in learning. Intensive courses on a 1 to 1 are better value but will cost more. Best suited to someone who already.




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