Failed Driving test?

Have you failed the driving test? I know you are disappointed, but you shouldn't view the fact that you failed this driving test as a sign that you are a failure and give up on your quest to get a licence.

There is a lot that can be learnt from having failed the driving test, I've seen a lot of people give up because according to them, that was their last chance to pass! The only one putting pressure on you is yourself, even if your job depended on it, life doesn't come to an end just because you failed a driving test, no matter the number of times you have attempted it.

If you've attempted a driving test, and didn't pass, you would have been issued a DL25 report sheet, many see this as a record of their failure, but this DL25 report could actually be the secret to your passing the next driving test if you haven't decided to give up becaused you failed on this attempt.

There are 2 parts to the driving test report that you get when you fail, the first part shows the driving errors you committed, you and your supervising driver or instructor should go over this and work on your weaknesses, the explanatory notes is the second part of the DL25, and not a lot of people pay attention to these notes after a driving test failure, but these notes could shed a lot of light on how you are marked especially for those foreign licence holders who say they know how to drive but don't pay attention to the safety aspects which are high on the DSA's priorities.

There is one thing that a lot of people do after they failed an attempt on the driving test, they stop and take a Loooong break! Even if you have financial reasons for taking a break, you should take the test again as soon as is financially possible, leaving a large gap means you will start to forget the little things which matter on the test, observations, mirror checks, using the right speed on approach to junctions, all these will mean that your chances of passing the next driving test diminishes unless you take more driving lessons to get you back to the test standard.

Dont give up on your goals just because you failed a car driving test, I remember some words of wisdom that says 'success is failure that tried one more time'.

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  1. Failure on test is not the end of the world

    you can practice more and give your self a second chance

    Thanx :)




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