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Here is some information for those 17 year olds or anyone who wants to embark on the journey of learning to drive a car in the UK and might not be sure of where to start.

There are 2 types of people that would normally be learning to drive a car and preparing for the DSA practical driving test with the hope of getting a full UK driving licence either for a manual or automatic transmission car. One is a foreign or international licence holder from a country that the UK DVLA authorities does not exchange driving documents, and the other is an absolute beginner learning to drive in Britain for the very first time. These 2 driving test candidates will need to approach their learning in different ways due to their individual circumstances.

Foreign Licence Holder learning to drive in the UK

This class of learner drivers are the most difficult to teach to drive according to the UK system because they believe they know how to drive and most of these learners will only consult a professional driving instructor after failing to pass the DSA driving test after a couple of attempts.

The reason Foreign Licence Holders find the UK driving test difficult to pass is first of all they don't know what the DSA examiner is looking for, and secondly they have built up a lot of bad driving habits which are both unsafe and are hard to get rid of without help from an ADI.

Learning to drive as a complete beginner

There are 2 routes that a learner can take here, use a driving instructor or choose to go with family or friends using your own private car. Using a DSA approved driving instructor (ADI) means that from the beginning you will be learning to drive according to the required DSA standard (if you have chosen the right person, cheap driving lessons could end up biting you in the tail), following a structured drivers record and building up good habits.

If on the other hand you decide to learn to drive with your Dad, Mum, other family, friend, fiancee, then you've got to ask yourself is the person teaching me got the right skills and knowledge to give me a safe learning environment, and actually prepare me for the DSA driving test. The person teaching you would have passed their driving test a least 3 years ago, so do they know what the current driving test entails? Will they actually remember everything they were taught while they were learning to drive? What about the bad habits that they have picked up since passing and gaining their full UK driving licence? Are you going to wait until you've failed the DSA practical driving test a couple of times before you seek the advice of a driving instructor? Obviously the choice is yours, but it is important that you know the pros and cons of each method of learning to drive a car in the UK, especially if you want to pass the driving test at your first attempt.

Here is a short video showing a pupil learning to drive a car with me in London, UK. This indidivual had previous driving lessons, took a long break, and was now ready to restart aquiring the skills necessary to pass the driving test and be a safe driver for life.

It is important when learning to drive, that you choose the right person to give you driving lessons, dont just go for a driving instructor because he is offering the cheapest tuition near where you live, because you want to make sure that you are being taught the correct and safe way of doing things, and that your teacher is giving you the best quality tuition, and not just taking you out for a drive.

Learn to drive the correct way, develop the right habits, have the safe attitude towards other road users and most importantly choose a current DSA qualified driving instructor, come to UK driving school if you are in the North West of London, call 07956233032 for affordable quality manual driving tuition.

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