6 Reasons You Need Instructor Learning To Drive

Here are 6 very good reasons why you should use a UK Driving School or Instructor to learn to drive and prepare for the UK driving test.

1. Your UK driving instructor is a trained professional with the required skills and knowledge to help you get to the CURRENT standard required to pass the driving test. Just because someone knows how to drive, does not mean they would be able to teach you especially when you are finding a particular skill difficult to master. Part of the training instructors go through, is how to teach and pass skills on to provisional licence holders.

2. The driving school tuition car has dual controls to keep you safe whether you are using manual or automatic transmission. If you accidentally press the accelerator instead of the brake, your instructor can bring the car to a halt safely by using the controls on the passenger's side, something not usually available while learning with family or friends. This allows you to build confidence more quickly as you do not need to worry about making mistakes that will lead to crashing the vehicle.

3. You are insured. Your driving instructor will have the necessary insurance to cover you driving the car, so you don't need to worry about whether you are driving illegally or not, or any financial liabilities that might arise from being involved in an accident during a lesson.

4. Latest information. A driving instructor on the DSA's ADI register will have access to the latest information regarding the UK driving test, and this could mean the difference between you being able and not able to take the test or pass. There have been cases where learner drivers have turned up in private cars which have been subject to a manufacturer's safety recall notice, and the test has been terminated because the learner could not produce the paperwork to confirm the car had been checked and was safe. Did you know that not all vehicles can be used to take the DSA test (BMW Mini convertible for example).

5. Car for the driving test. Your driving instructor will be able to provide a fully insured, roadworthy car that meets the DSA's requirements for use on the driving test. Every single day I hear of people who are unable to take the driving test because their car does not meet DSA standards, eg tyres are bald or not all lights are fully working. Some insurance companies do not cover provisional license holders on the driving test, as a learner is NOT being supervised by the examiner during the test.

6. Help with theory test preparation. You driving school or instructor can help in preparing for the theory test portion of the UK driving test, some provide loan CDs or DVDs to pupils on which they can practise the hazard perception video clips.

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