DSA Show Me Tell Me questions changing on 1st July 2008

Show and Tell Changes 2008

The DSA show me, tell me questions asked at the beginning of the UK driving test will be changing from the 1st of July 2008.

You will still be asked 2 basic car maintenance questions, one a show me, and the second a tell me, but the pool of questions has now been increased, and questions have now been included to check things like the use of head restraints, demisters, fog lights, wipers and ABS system checks. If you are taking your test before the 1st of July 2008, then you don't need to know the answer to the new set of questions for the driving test.

All driving tests from the 1st July 2008, will include the new set of show me, tell me questions, and your driving instructor will be able to let you know what they are. If you don't have an instructor, you can check the new show and tell questions on the DSA Website from where you can either download them or print out.

All potential driving instructor candidates for the ADI part 2 test will from the 1st of July 2008 also be tested on the new set of show me, tell me questions at the beginning of the ADI part 2 driving test.

Maintenance Questions Video

The following show and tell video by Tony Austin of blue driving academy who provides driving lessons in sutton coldfield gives a visual indication of the new maintenance questions, that the dsa examiner might ask you at the beginning of the practical driving test.

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  1. lusitrHi I’m trying to add value to you blog.

    I’ve posted a video of the latest DSA show me tell me question on to youtube.

    A picture may be worth a thousand words but you cannot beat a video!


  2. Gemma2:08 am

    I was like searching in Google for a list of show me tell me questions and I like found your site and stuff.

    I think it's like amazing that you have a video of it already on you site. I thought that was really cool.

    But the really cool thing is that I can keep watching it to revise for my practical test. I've bookmarked your site. Thankx

  3. Anonymous11:14 am

    Gemma, thanks for the comments, but I didn't make this show me and tell me driving video, it was created by Tony Austin, an instructor operating in Birmingham, East Midlands.

    You can see his post above your comments. Shola

  4. Yeah, really cool video.

  5. Wow what a cool vid. Wish my instructor was this good. I need to seriously watch and study this vid coz my test is coring up like. thanx




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