Why do you want to learn to drive?

Learning to drive

Why do you want to learn to drive? The answer to this question will have a direct effect on your learning progress and attitude towards overcoming problems while preparing for the UK driving test.

When I was learning to drive, my main motivation was that I needed the driving license to get a better (higher paying) job with the added bonus of a fully expenced car tax free.
Because of this, I made sure that I put aside money for my driving lessons (even though I could only afford a lesson once in 2 weeks due to un-employment). It also meant I did some studying prior to the lesson so that I made maximum use of the time I had with the driving instructor in the car.

I have come across a lot of people who have no real purpose for when it comes learning to drive, and this shows in their attitude towards driving, but more importantly means that they don't have the drive to overcome particular problems during the learning process.

I have mentioned in a previous post, that anyone can learn to drive, but the pace at which everyone learns will be different, but more importantly people will have difficulties with different apects of driving, this is where the initial question comes in. I have seen a lot of people give up when they find things difficult, or they reach a learning plateau. If your motivation for learning to drive was nothing more than peer pressure or the thought that having a driving license was a good idea, then you can't use that motivation to get you through the difficult times when they come.

Think about those cold winter days you spend waiting for a bus, that new job that could be yours, the independence you gain and not having to rely on parents, sibblings or friends to drive you around. What ever it might be don't just give up because you are struggling with a particular skill or you have failled the driving test yet another time!

Finally, don't waste all the effort you have put into learning to drive because of a change in circumstance. You have now moved to a new area, and don't know a local instructor. Find one! You have changed jobs, so time is now at a premium, make time! No matter what the excuse you come up with, there is always a solution, it might not be convinient for you, but there will be a solution. I feel saddened when a pupil of mine moves away, and gives up learning just because they can't find another 'good' driving instructor or there is no one to push them to go the extra mile.

Jimmy Cliff sang a song 'You can get it if you really want, but you must try, try, and try and then you'll suceed at last'
Don't give up on the dream, success is just round the corner, but you've got to keep going to get there!

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So again I ask why do you want to learn to drive?

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  1. Brownsuga,

    While I don't know what made you fail on the past 6 tests, if you look at the test report, and from your experience you will have a rough idea of what you are failing on.

    You will need to address those areas, work on them until you are confident in them. If you are going for a test, and are hoping that you don't get a particular exercise, or are not taken on a particular road, then those are weaknesses that you need to deal with before you put in for your next test.

    While the driving test is not easy, if you are well prepared, there is no reason why you shouldn't pass.

    Most people are nervous when taking tests, but those that are well prepared settle down once the car gets moving, and the skills they have learnt automatically take over.

    I wish you well, and hope you pass soon, so you and your children don't have to go through the transport hassles anymore.




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