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If you are concerned about independent driving on the test in the Mill Hill or Hendon test centres, then watch the video below, which helps with tips and advice on what to do, it does not however cover the independent driving test routes which the DSA is not publishing on the internet.

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Here is some information about the Mill Hill test centre for those of you who are not familiar with the area or want to take your test there.

  • Mill Hill test centre does not have a car park suitable for bay parking, so if you are taking the test there during week you are most unlikely to do bay parking. Examiners do have an option of using Hendon test centre, but they don't do so very often. If you do have your test on a Saturday or Sunday, you most likely will do a bay park, as the shared car park is less busy, and thus available.
    Update 2007: The car park at Mill hill test centre has now been refurbished and you will now be expected to do a bay park at the test centre.
  • Mill Hill test centre does have a toilet, but only one shared between both sexes, so can be busy just before test times, and ladies might find the usual problem with the toilet seat.
  • Grahame Park Way is a long road between Bunns Lane roundabout and Aerodrome road roundabout, this road used to have a lot of mini roundabouts, these have now been removed, so you need to be careful when driving on this road. First you need to make progress, otherwise you will get a lot of cars overtaking, but at the same time make sure you don't exceed the speed limit.
  • You need to be confident with roundabouts if your are taking your test in this area, so practise both mini and large roundabouts. if possible visit the area before your test, and familiarise yourself with the Apex Corner roundabout in particular approaching it to turn right from Selvage Lane. You also might have to deal with roundabouts on dual carriageways travelling at 50mph.
  • The A41 and A1 dual carriageways are close by so be comfortable with driving on them, up to the national speed limit if you have are going to the Mill Hill Test Centre.

The video below is of one of the test routes in use at Mill Hill test centre:

If you would like driving lessons in mill hill, or need an instructor to take you for a practical car assessment on the DSA routes used by the examiners in this area then give me a call on 07956233032, I don't have an automatic car, so can only offer manual tuition, but can give you lessons in your automatic car if you want, contact me for details.

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