A driving lesson full of nerves

On Sunday, I had another driving lesson with my elderly lady pupil, unfortunately it did not go very well for her.

Just 2 minutes into the lesson, driving on a narrow side street, this idiot of a driver decide to race towards us and squeeze through a narrow gap in the road, just because he could not be patient enough to stop and allow a learner through.

My pupil handled the situation well by stopping, and not even stalling, but she really became nervous after that.

I still took her on the dual carriageway as I had planned, nothing happened, though she did say she was a little unsettled by the fast traffic overtaking her, but it was more to do with the incident at the beginning of the lesson, as the turn in the road we did later on was also messed up, and she was generally making a few mistakes along the drive.

Sitting at traffics lights, I could see her hand was shaking, while this is not usual (as I had noticed this in previous lessons), it was more pronounced.

I hope that she will have recovered by Sunday when I next see her, and that she has a more positive experience.

Sometime I want to strangle some of these idiot of a driver who can't spare a few seconds to allow a learner through on a road.

Interested in cheap driving lessons.

Additional advice on driving test nerves.

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  1. Anonymous11:32 pm

    erm, are you for real? The lady was obviously spooked out by the car trying to squeeze past her. Her hand was shaking at the wheel and you continued as planned? Are you nuts? What on earth did you expect? You should have pulled over and talked to her about it.




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