Learner Drivers Do Not Know More Than Instructors!

Why is it that some learner drivers think they know more than their driving instructors who is trying to help them pass the driving test with advice and tips from their many years of experience?

Today I gave a driving lesson to a mature student who hadn't seen me for about 2 weeks. At the end of their previous lesson I had asked them to buy a DVSA Official Book to help with some of the things they were struggling on, and prepare for the topics to be covering next (I don't do this for everyone, but thought this would helpful for this individual's case). The first thing I asked before we began today was 'have you bought that book I recommended' to which they replied 'No, I've been busy preparing for a professional exam, so haven't had the chance'.

Now that would have been a fair point if not for the fact that the next thing they said was 'I'd like to see if I could book a driving test for October', this coming from someone who last had a test about 2 years ago, had only had 4 lessons with me, and was no where near the DVSA driving test standard!

Many provisional licence holders just think they can try their luck on the test, and if they get a nice examiner, they will scrape through. It doesn't work that way (yes you will hear the odd example of people being lucky), all examiners are looking for a particular standard of driving, and unless you are able to show that standard on the test day, you WILL NOT pass, but more importantly if you mange to scrape through and are not a safe driver, you could be involved in a nasty incident!.

I'm very aware that people might not have a lot of money to waste on driving lessons, so I usually give advise and tips that would help them to maximise what they gain during each lesson(an example if this blog), but it seems the some students are not bothered to put in the required extra work in order to save money on driving lessons. I have lost count of the number of times I tell them to read the highway code in between lessons to increase their chances of passing especially because they keep forgetting what road markings mean, or rules regarding junctions or meeting situations!

Getting a copy of the The Official Driving Manual is another piece of advice that falls on deaf ears and people wonder why the examiner fails them for what they think is a simple mistake!

I can only give you advice, it is up to you to take it, put in the effort and not compare yourself to a friend who might be on an ego trip and tell you lies about how they only took 10 lessons to pass the driving test. Even if that is true, it doesn't mean you will be able to do the same! Here is some useful advice again, even if you have passed your theory test, continue to read your books in between driving lessons, and follow any advise your instructor gives you regarding increasing your chances of passing the Driving test 1st time.

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  1. I totally understand about the test, recently took my test and failed woefully in it, plus my examiner was such an ASS!!! Well i took about 12 lessons plus driving lessons from my brothers,and my instructor actually put me foward for the test but i failed in my observations and not my driving, due to nervousness and having an instructor who was brusque and mean! Oh well have rebooked it again and some more lessons. Oh well i hope i have better luck next time

  2. Nneka,
    Good luck with your next test, and I hope you pass this time.
    Take your time with the manoeuvres, no need to rush, always make sure it is safe before you steer, if in doubt, allow any traffic to get out of your way, you stopping with the care secured and keep looking, don't forget pedestrians, never drive towards them on a manoeuvre.




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