I Want To Pass My Driving Test ASAP

One of the most common statements I hear from potential new learner clients is I want to pass my driving test as soon as possible and usually they also want the cheapest means of doing this at the same time.

As a fully qualified UK approved driving instructor based in Mill Hill who has been helping many provisional licence holders succeed at their 1st attempt since 2003 and I'd like to share some useful tips on things you could do to increase your chance of passing the UK driving test and getting your full licence quickly.

As you probably already know, the UK practical car assessment is conducted by the Driving Standards & Vehicles Agency whose motto is 'safe driving for life'. That motto is the key to passing and you need to bear this in mind at all times during your lessons or private practice with parents, family or friends. You must be safe at all times, and the best way is to make sure it is a habit not something you only do when your instructor is in the car! Anything that compromises safety will always result in a fail, and it could be something as simple as not checking your right blind spot before moving off.

The driving test is all about showing the examiner that you have the skills to drive safely and would be a responsible driver once you are allowed to be in control of a car unsupervised (you only have 35-40 minutes to do this, and the examiner will judge everything you do on the basis that is how you drive all the time). You will also be expected to conduct some a set exercise/maneuver safely and under control to the standard mentioned in the highway code including the emergency stop. They are not expecting you to be perfect, so if you make a mistake, do not dwell on it, correct it if possible otherwise concentrate on what is ahead.

If you have had enough practcise before the day of your driving test, then there should be nothing new that the examiner will ask you to do, let your training take over, don't try and change things whatever your instructor has said you should do during lessons, that is what is required to be successful. Build up good habits, I often hear my pupils say I won't do that on the test, so I ask why are you doing it NOW? It is very easy to concentrate within the 1st 15 minutes of the test, but your normal habits will show up by the time you have driven for 25-30 minutes. The number of times people have made stupid mistakes within the last minute of test is unbelievable, so do not give excuses for driver errors deal with them not matter how minor you might think they are.

I hope to start from the very beginning on this blog, mainly giving driving test tips via detailed articles, posting free tutorial videos and also giving some insight to what life as a driving instructor can be like (just in case you are thinking of joining the ranks).

One of the reasons why you need to consult a driving instructor before taking the driving test is that the DVSA makes changes (mostly small ones) on a regular basis, so your friend or parent will not have the latest information (vehicle recalls, route updates) these can all contribute to whether you are successful or not!!

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